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Dore Academy is a school for children with learning disabilities. Because our school is process oriented, we encourage inventive thinking, imaginative and intuitive insight, and exploration and discovery of the world.

Dore Academy follows a holistic approach to teaching children with learning disabilities and therefore, enhances classroom curricula by offering varied educational opportunities. Our school counselor directs the development of our student's individual blueprints to learning-the Learning Style Profile (LSP). Students have opportunities to investigate, art, technology, physical education, music, drama, film making, environmental studies, and community service.


Our method focuses on teaching students to analyze and critically solve problems, rather than simply absorb facts. Our students pursue a rigorous curriculum in reading, writing, mathematics, and science; and they begin in the early grades to study music, technology, and the arts. In the process, they learn to be responsible and independent in their studies, and to work on their own and with others.


Dore's connection to area colleges and universities influences everything from our high academic standards, to the spirit of inquiry that pervades our classrooms. These partnerships also provide our faculty and students with opportunities that would be nearly impossible to match in any other environment. Each year, some of our high school students take classes at the area colleges and universities.


Our students come from all over the city and surrounding areas. They come from a broad spectrum of religious faiths and socio-economic backgrounds. While it would be difficult to find a more diverse group of youngsters, our students leave Dore sharing much more than textbooks and teachers. They leave with a respect for different cultures and a commitment to make the world a better place.


Dore is a lively, close-knit community where every student is known and cared for as an individual. Ask students what they like about Dore and you'll hear stories about teachers who took the time to encourage them to stretch, take risks, and see education as a lifelong adventure. From kindergarten on, lessons are highly individualized and keyed to milestones in intellectual, social, emotional, and ethical development.

Literacy is integrated across the curriculum.

Small class sizes of ten and small school community maximize learning opportunities.

Progress reports, report cards and conferences provide ongoing communication between parent, child and teacher.

School-wide community is strengthened through the bi-weekly "Monday Assembly". Every other week, the middle and upper school community gathers together for an assembly built around character education.

Multiple intelligences classrooms encourage differentiated learning.

Service learning promotes a connection between students and the world.

Enrichment classes and field trips enhance student learning.

Student reflection facilitates meaningful learning.

Empowering children is the process of helping all children see that they have power, control and responsibility over themselves in their lives. In addition, this process helps children see that they are part of a diverse world and can cause change to happen. Dore Academy supports the child's ability to experience as many ideas, learning processes, perspectives and opportunities as possible.

In teaching children with learning disabilities, we encourage the children to look at situations from a variety of directions, set a goal, evaluate each option in terms of the goal, take action for the goal to come to fruition, and assume responsibility for the consequences of that decision. We teach responsible decision-making in a variety of ways all of which also promote teamwork and team building. Dore Academy provides an environment where children are encouraged to look at themselves honestly, to evaluate their own needs clearly, to make decisions responsibly, and to think for themselves.

Dore Academy follows an integrated, multi-disciplinary, multiple intelligences approach to teaching children with learning disabilities and therefore, enhances classroom curricula by offering alternative instruction and assessment.

Our faculty develops a highly individualized curriculum for each child's unique readiness level, learning style, and personal interests. In addition, small group and whole class learning activities are designed to provide group problem solving and interaction, as well as peer evaluation. We adapt our teaching to meet the needs of the learner however that student learns best. In each area, we strive to help the child move from his/her current level up to the next level of mastery. At Dore Academy there are no ceilings only pathways to success.

An integral part of Dore Academy's philosophy is our commitment to experiential learning. Through this involved style of learning, students have the opportunity to integrate, better retain, and manipulate information in their world. Experiential learning is inherent in our individualized units, classroom activities, community trips, and the availability of hands-on learning equipment.

Our mission is focused on students. We are more than just test scores and college admissions statistics. Our academic program is rigorous, but we are as interested in the development of the whole child as we are in scholastic achievement. In short, we are among the leading independent schools specializing in children with learning disabilities in the nation and pride ourselves on creating conditions for a purposeful search for knowledge, truth, and success in life.

Dore Academy represents the best that America has to offer with students who are learning disabled. In fact, we believe that Dore Academy needs to be experienced in order to be appreciated. Prospective students and their families have been visiting us for over 30 years to determine if Dore Academy is the right fit for them. To visit us, please contact Roberta Smith. We look forward to meeting you.

For more information please call 704-365-5490 ex.16