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Administrative Structure

Dore Academy's Head of School has overall responsibility for all aspects of the school's education and administration. She is charged with student growth and development, maintaining faculty excellence as well as the efficient and cost effective management of the school.

Our Assistant Head of School provides support to Coordinators and faculty. In addition, she is responsible for management of the school's technology which includes almost 100 computers.

Each school, Upper, Middle and Lower, has its own Coordinator. The responsibilities and duties of the Coordinators vary, and range from overseeing curriculum and instruction, to parent contact, and overall school procedures.

Master's Level Guidance Counselor

As an essential member of the academic team, the counselor provides individual and group counseling on self-esteem issues, social and organizational skills, and self-advocacy. As a collaborator with teachers, the counselor plans individual programs to promote positive behavior/attitudes, which enhance the academic performance and facilitate transition back to other schools. As administrative support for children with learning disabilities and attention disorders, the counselor oversees new student orientation, administers PSAT, SAT, and achievement tests, introduces career planning, and helps families prepare for post-Dore transition.

Full Time Nurse

We are fortunate to have a nurse on staff who is knowledgeable and experienced in working with children with learning disabilities and attention disorders. She prepares first aid/crisis kits, treats injuries, evaluates and makes recommendations on student symptoms, administers medications, monitors students' use of medical equipment, tracks immunizations, and teaches students to deal with their illnesses or injuries. Moreover our nurse provides health counseling to parents, trains teachers in universal precautions, and instructs CPR classes.

Reading Specialists

Dore Academy is well versed in the area of Dyslexia. Our Reading Specialists are trained in the Orton Gillingham multi-sensory approach to instruction. Through this approach students develop their decoding skills and fluency rate which in turn enhances the comprehension of the written word.


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