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What Dore Academy parents have to say

Before we came to Dore Academy my child cried every morning before coming to school. Now he can hardly wait for Monday morning.
-Parent of Third Grade Student

Homework was a constant battle each night. My child couldn't remember what he was supposed to do, his notebook and book bag were a disaster. At Dore Academy the teachers have taught him organization and study skills. I look forward to coming home each evening.
-Parent of Sixth Grade Student

My son is shy and very embarrassed to ask questions in class. He thought he was the only one not understanding what was going on. Because of the small class sizes which allows more individual attention, he now feels comfortable asking questions and getting extra help.
-Senior Parent

My son's science teacher is wonderful, fabulous, she makes learning fun, she is great, vivacious, etc. I feel my child was falling by the way-side and she has made the difference in my child.
-Middle School Parent

My son's fourth grade teacher is the first teacher who ever looked at my child's strengths rather than his weaknesses.
-Lower School Parent

All of the Middle School teachers are phenomenal, an unbelievable group that is able to focus on each child as an individual.
-Middle School Parent

The personal dedication of each Upper School teacher and the ability to work with each child as an individual is the plus. I'm getting my money's worth, that is for sure.
-Upper School Parent

What Dore Academy students have to say

This is the only place I feel all together.
-First Grade Student

Teachers let me take extra time on tests which helps my concentration and I score better.
-Seventh Grade Student

Teachers talk about subjects that make us think. I want everyone to know that.
-High School Junior


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